Customization of customer watches -
one of our favorite "sports"

Having migrated from the pocket on the wrist, the vintage watch with the fourth repeater will acquire a completely new and very unusual look.
On the watch's bracelet, thanks to a unique author's idea, a secret place will appear for a special key.

Impeccable gift choice creates an unforgettable experience.
Such gifts are valued for their unique dignity, they are not peredelivayut - they are used with gratitude.

Customized iPhone8 +. Materials - carbon, silver. Customization is the complete replacement of the back panel. Dedicated to all our brothers in spirit - the rebels who do not accept the framework and are ready to exploit for the sake of their dreams.

Did you play pirates in your childhood? Or, at least once, imagined himself at the helm of a pirate schooner going aboard?

The skull is one of the most ambiguously interpreted and incredibly magnetic symbols used in the visual and applied arts.

We dedicate our creativity to those who will never lose their rebellious spirit and inner freedom.

Saint Bones –
a reflection of your style.

Saint Bones — modern Russian jewelry brand, founded in Moscow and recognized far beyond its borders. Each Saint Bones product is exclusively handmade, made in the classic "imperial" and glamor-rocker style.

The combination of precious metals, stabilized valuable wood, decorative stone and composite, noble, rare materials. We dedicate our creativity to those who will never lose their rebellious spirit and inner freedom, know how to dare to dream and, for the sake of a dream, are capable of achievement. Saint Bones is the embodiment of the most daring ideas, a reflection of your style and bright personality.

Dozens of sketches can be sent to the basket, before the creative director is satisfied, and the artist moves on to the final sketch. A perfectionist always knows what else could have been done better, and rarely remains satisfied with the result by all 300%. The creative process is a true delight for all its participants .