About Us

When talent meets the spirit of freedom - miracles are born.
In 2017 famous Russian singer Basta launched the ship called "Saint Bones", which went on a free voyage. Rebellious and defiant, he seeks the storm, because only true storm gives you a real sense of life. High professional skills of the team allows our boat to go full speed without losing the fairway.
If you also desire to feel the spirit of freedom, welcome aboard!
''This is the temple of creating amazing things. Find your mood in our pieces of art.''
Saint Bones Jewelry House has its own full-cycle production. We create unique products made of precious metals in order that each of our clients could emphasize their individuality.
Saint Bones is not only exclusive jewelry of the highest quality. It's a way of life!
We believe that the Saint Bones community is exceptional people who can do anything!


Be bold
Forge your own destiny with your own hands. Become indifferent to the hustle and bustle. Only the goal makes sense. Surround yourself with the best. Go hard! No fear, no doubt!
Be free
Breathe deeply. The wind bends the sail. There will always be music. You will always exist. Trust the best!
Be ambitious
You have your own way. Don't mix with the crowd. Float above it. You know what's best! Do they know?!