The melting pot

It all began in 2014 when a few friends who were avid watch and design enthusiasts made strides in manufacturing unique watch pieces and watch accessories for personal use. We simply wanted to coalesce an expression of our personalities with precious craftsmanship and appreciate the result in our daily pursuits. Our friends loved exceptional creations they saw on our wrists. Purchase inquiries came. Thus, we decided to form a consistent team that would fuse a passion for creating exquisite pieces of jewelry no other atelier dared to accept.

Over the years, the team accumulated unique expertise in jewelry design and production, developed its own style, and created dozens of never-seen-before pieces. Each member contributed his very own vision, sincere passion, and personal charisma to the melting pot. That special fusion then evolved into a full-scale international brand - Saint Bones.

The Saint Bones of today is an international team of jewelry designers and craftsmen from all over the world sharing common visionary values.




The key and the most important value we are looking to express through our designs, our ideas, and our business practices. So oftenly misused and manipulated, the freedom tolerates no restraints. No matter what happens, we appreciate every aspect of your freedom with no strings attached, with no frameworks, and no exceptions.


No matter if it is a piece unique commissioned at our atelier or a series production piece, we are striving to make sure that each and every creation is exclusive and offbeat. Over the years we proved to be experts in breaking the molds. Unconventional designs, unusual materials, complicated manufacturing, state-of-the-art craftsmanship - that's where we feel at home!


We at Saint Bones do not offer jewelry or precious metals or gemstones. What we offer - is the emotion, the notable moments of joy and appreciation that you experience over and over again while wearing your piece of jewelry. That is why impeccable quality is essential. To achieve that kind of quality we have built a full-stack in-house production process. From sketches to melting metals.


ideas, design, production


From a vision to a word, from a sketch to specification, all the creativity is born and brainstormed at Saint Bones. Sometimes it pops out of blue within seconds, sometimes it takes weeks, but always with passion and always in-house.


Once idea is solid, it's time to give it a shape. First our illustrator turns sketches into state-of-art graphics. Then our 3D artists spend countless hours making sophisticated digital models under supervision of production engineers. In certain cases it's done the old-fashion way - our in-house sculptor meticulously carves the model out of special wax.


Our in-house production facility includes prototyping shop, casting shop, 3D-printing and milling shop, assembly & polishing shops, galvanic & laser marking shops and much more. Equipped with cutting edge machinery, it allows us to create truly remarkable pieces of jewelry of exceptional quality. From idea to final polishing.


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